Thursday, July 28, 2016

Herbarium Curation

Sagehen uses volunteers to manage its collections, including our herbarium. Here are some useful documents to help you understand the principles and strategy.
IMPORTANT! Be scrupulous about your field and lab notes. Keep a lab journal and field notebook. Document everything you do! Your effort is wasted--or even destructive--if you (and others) cannot later figure out what you did.
Organization and Management:
Dalla Torre, C. G. de et H. Harms. Register zu de Dalla Torre et Harms: Genera Siphonogamarum ad Systema Englerianum Conscripta. W. Engelmann, Leipzig [Germany]. 1908.  
    • 2016-present (doc or spreadsheet). Our North Fork collection is organized under LAPG III, and we will eventually reorganize the Sagehen collection to LAPG III (or APG-IV), as well. "The APG III system of flowering plant classification is the third version of a modern, mostly molecular-based, system of plant taxonomy being developed by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG), published in 2009...A paper by Haston et al., was a linear sequence of families following the APG III system (LAPG III). This provided a numbered list to the 413 families of APG III. A linear sequence is of particular use to herbarium curators and those working on floristic works wishing to arrange their taxa according to APG III." 

Useful Documents:

Herbarium To-Do Projects, 7-28-16:
  1. Our only source for the pre-2016 Dalla Torre & Harms Herbarium Index is the hard copy on the herbarium cabinet door. This photo of that document needs transcription to a spreadsheet for future reference. Finished, 4/29/18. Link.
  2. Catch up the backlog of unmounted specimens:
    • Connect all loose specimens to their iNaturalist records (where available) using iNat record number. Join observations to iNat Project, "Herbarium Specimens: Sagehen | Herbarium Specimens: North Fork" if not already done. Update iNat record project fields from field notes, maps, and Flickr archive, if necessary. This may involve some detective work. Finished, 9/29/16
    • Mount all loose specimens that have data; in the lower right corner of the herbarium sheet (or on a temporary label), pencil in the collection info from the pressing paper notes, field notes, and/or iNaturalist record. 
    • Assign SCFSXXXX accession numbers to all new vouchers, and update their iNaturalist record with the new accession number in the "Reference no." field. 
    • Export an iNaturalist CSV with the new accessions.
    • Import CSV to NANSH using "SCFS" mapping.
    • Print labels from NANSH and attach to vouchers in lower right corner over pencil notes (use glue stick).
    • File vouchers.
  3. Bundle and send all non-Sagehen/non-North Fork vouchers and unmounted specimens to Berkeley's Jepson Herbarium, UNR Herbarium. Finished, Summer 2017
  4. Update old voucher taxonomy in NANSH and add change labels to vouchers.
  5. Reorganize Sagehen Basin collection under LAPG-III.
  6. Image all un-scanned specimens; upload photos to Flickr archive and NANSH database.
  7. Create locations spreadsheet with lat/long coords for colloquial locations:
    • For the North Fork. Finished 2016
    • For Sagehen (work with Don Erman to ID 
  8. Move collections cabinets to Classroom. Finished, summer 2017.
  9. Meet with Erika, 9-29-16:
    • Change Sagehen herbarium collection numbers in NANSH to SCFSXXXX format?
    • Check mistakes in NANSH mapping;
    • Go through orphan vouchers/iNat records;
    • Update place-names for NFA;
    • Add locations to all NFA obs;
    • Paper on iNat/citsci in collections programs

When that is all done, THEN more collecting!...
  1. Herbarium specimen needs. There are plants on our basin lists that are not represented in our herbarium. We'd like to close that gap in order to document the lists, and to have a complete teaching and research collection.
  2. Collect duplicate specimens of Sagehen Cupressaceae and Juncaceae taxa to share with University of Washington in exchange for identifications (one voucher for them, one for us). Contact: 
Peter Zika
zikap @
Research Associate
University of Washington
Burke Museum Herbarium
* * * 

Thanks to all our Sagehen Herbarium volunteers to date!
        • Erica Krimmel: program development; collections organization; digitizing; herbarium expansion; volunteer management.
        • Alex Gallandt: accessioning; mounting; collecting; updating taxonomy; reorganizing collection schema.
        • Angele Carroll: plant mounting; voucher filing
        • Hannah Johansson: accessioning assistance
        • All the California Naturalists and Weed Warriors who have helped at plant mounting days! 


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