Thursday, July 28, 2016

Herbarium Curation

Sagehen uses volunteers to manage its collections, including our herbarium. Here are some useful documents to help you understand the principles and strategy.
IMPORTANT! Be scrupulous about your field and lab notes. Keep a lab journal and field notebook. Document everything you do! Your effort is wasted--or even destructive--if you (and others) cannot later figure out what you did.
Organization and Management

    * * * 

    Thanks to all our Sagehen Herbarium volunteers to date!
          • Erica Krimmel: program development; collections organization; digitizing; herbarium expansion; volunteer management.
          • Alex Gallandt: accessioning; mounting; collecting; updating taxonomy; reorganizing collection schema.
          • Angele Carroll: plant mounting; voucher filing
          • Hannah Johansson: accessioning assistance
          • All the California Naturalists and Weed Warriors who have helped at plant mounting days! 


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